Monday, January 11, 2010

Motions gathered from recent news stories

Going over my RSS feed, I note interesting items which would make good debate motions.

Some of these are age-old, some are new. All are recent. The motions I list are merely examples, as every news item could support several different motions

THB Dolphins should be treated as non-human persons with equal rights
Item: Scientists say dolphins should be treated as non-human persons

THB people who donate organs should get a higher priority for transplants
Item: Israeli organ donors to get transplant priority

THB adjoined twins can't be punished for a crime one commits
Item: Could a Conjoined Twin Get Away with Murder?

THB museums shouldn't be allowed to sell their art for monetary reasons
Item: The Art of the Deal

THB community rating in health insurance is fair
Item: Is ‘Community Rating’ in Health Insurance Fair?

THB that dating sites can ban members for not being pretty
Item: axes holiday weight gain members

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