Friday, March 19, 2010

25 Reasons to Date a Debater

Facebook is on everyone's mind, and debaters certainly don't waste time getting into social media.

A new group popped up recently, listing why dating a debater is a good idea. I have seen other versions of this such as Why Debate is Better than Sex, but this one is definitely cute.

Facebook group:
1. They pay close attention to detail.
2. They have well developed "oral skills."
3. They can go for 3 days straight.
4. They fully understand the principle that “practice makes perfect.”
6. They do it standing up…and like it.
7. They can do it one-on-one or two-on-two
8. They never finish early.
9. They like it when people watch.
10. They’re willing to do anything to dominate their partner.
11. They can adapt to a variety of styles.
12. They love a challenge.
13. They’re well schooled in all the latest strategies and techniques.
14. They can flip sides and be equally effective.
15. They’re determined to get what they want, how they want it, when they want it.
16. Stripping off a debate suit to find the birthday suit has never been more fun.
17. They say really sexy words like "permutation" and "cross-examine."
18. They always talk about giving and receiving hedge.
19. They turn your soft power into hard power.
20. They like to be on top.
21. They like to go fast.
22. They're willing to spread.
23. The classic debater "pen flip" is just one of MANY tricks debaters can do with their fingers.
24. Very few of us have good values
25. They can go round after round, in a different position every time


  1. hahahahaha completely phenomenal.!

  2. Wow... That's... Wow.... That is the best thing I have
    ever seen!!!!! Hahahahahahaha !!!! XD


  4. This is just... great. And so true on many levels (':