Thursday, March 18, 2010

Harry Potter Open [Debate]

A friend posted this on Facebook, which got many of us geeks very excited -- The Harry Potter Open.

From the Facebook event page:
"Yes, really.
Saturday 31 July 2010 is Harry Potter's birthday. Celebrate it in style, in Birmingham, in debate form.

Reg is £30 a team, or £25 if you come in a suitable magical costume.

There will be food, there will be drink, and of course, there will be Harry Potter motions."
This sounds like fun, I wonder what the motions will be. Too bad that the "Is Snape evil?" question has been answered in the last book.

This is the event calendar page on British Debate:

For the geeks among us I'd also like to remind of AnimeExpo's Otaku Parliamentary Debate.

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